Beginning in 1835, both sides passed legislation attempting to force the other side’s capitulation. Ohio’s governor Robert Lucas and Michigan’s 24-year-old “Boy GovernorStevens T. Mason were both unwilling to cede jurisdiction of the Strip, so they raised militias and helped institute criminal penalties for citizens submitting to the other’s authority. The militias were mobilized and sent to positions on opposite sides of the Maumee River near Toledo, but besides mutual taunting there was little interaction between the two forces. The single military confrontation of the “war” ended with a report of shots being fired into the air, incurring no casualties.

This remains one of my favorite history things ever.

i am going to rip ramsay snow limb from limb

i have never been so relieved to see a chapter title

i have never been so relieved to see a chapter title

pluckyminna is liveblogging jane eyre and it’s amazing.

pluckyminna is liveblogging jane eyre and it’s amazing.


ang and i are, unsurprisingly, discussing an #asoiaf hsau, and we simultaneously arrived at renly being loras’ boyfriend who’s in college and i am fucking weeping

(if anyone is curious, gilly is sam’s canadian girlfriend who actually exists. they met on the internet because he can’t talk to girls in real life.)

i’m still laughing so hard at everyone just being really surprised that gilly is real.

further important discoveries from this conversation: theon greyjoy will never, ever, ever choose “truth” in a game of truth or dare. ever.

He was the second of three sons, so the other wolves called him Middle Liddle, though not often in his hearing.


ahahaha, where are you at with him now?

learning to be a tree, puppeteering hodor around in secret, oh hey summer’s eating zombie flesh i guess that’s cool

you know, normal every day 9 year old boy stuff.

that’s a lot of blue skidoo we can too missions into this series… we’re gonna need reinforcements.

i am but one vampire

emiliosandoz replied to your post: jesus actual christ, jeyne poole i’m s…

protect jeyne poole 2kforever

our adwd blue skidoo you can too strike force needs both a jeyne branch and a theon branch, obviously. although tbh, we really should just send a separate squad to agot to rescue jeyne from littlefinger’s clutches long ahead of time.

jesus actual christ, jeyne poole i’m so sorry about your life